Somatic Workshop Series: Navel Radiation (2/3)

Written by Daphne

Daphne is a registered yoga therapist, movement educator, bodyworker, and a specialist in somatic therapy.

February 22, 2022

Navel Radiation Workshop 2/3

The second class of the navel radiation series. Click the link to watch the full class on youtube

This session starts off with a developmental explanation of how we come to become who we are – from the meeting of the sperm and egg, implantation, development of fetus, vital organs, and intricate features. We hear how the navel is our centre, and the seed by which intrinsic movement gives rise to extrinsic movement – and bi-directionally, from extrinsic movement to intrinsic movement.
The session starts off with the use of touch, to bring greater felt sense to the different parts of our body and their relationship to the navel centre. We then engage in different movement sequences to engage the entire body (all our 6 limbs), with the focus on initiating movement from the navel centre.

Props required:

  • 1 yoga mat
  • 1 pair of socks
  • 1 weighted ball (or water bottle)
  • 1 cushion (or bolster)
  • 1 blanket

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