Trauma-Informed Somatics & Yoga Workshop in Adelaide, South Australia

Trauma-Informed Somatics & Yoga Workshop in Adelaide, South Australia


Daphne Chua from Somatic Therapy Asia and Yaisa Nio from Yoga with Yaisa come together to offer a unique mind-body workshop for students of yoga, movement practitioners, yoga teachers, bodyworkers, therapists and anyone interested in learning more about somatic rehabilitation and the body-brain connection through movement and tactile touch.

Daphne brings her wealth of knowledge about the body, the nervous system and her clinical experience in somatic movement therapy. It's through movement, breathwork and hands-on touch that we hone our sensory awareness and cultivate a mindful and practical dialogue to heal from pain, injuries, anxiety & stress.

Yaisa adds her extensive Yin Yoga teaching experience which she likes to combine with other practices such as Qigong. The Soundmoves technique she trained in seamlessly connects with the somatic philosophy of moving slowly and consciously.

During this workshop, you learn about somatics and neurological repatterning of unconscious habitual patterns. You are given tools to track and regulate your nervous system and to better connect body & mind and increase proprioceptive and interoceptive intelligence.

If you are a yoga teacher or movement-based therapist, this workshop adds valuable techniques to your toolbox that can help you and your clients find more ease and balance in mental, emotional and physical health.


Workshop Details

Each session consists of some theory and workshop-style movement and exercises to experience and embody the techniques with Daphne, followed by a 60-minute practice guided by Yaisa.

Morning Session: Uncovering the Soma and the Nervous System, 8.30 am - 12.30 pm

  • Somatic awareness & embodiment: cultivating spatial & emotional intelligence through Proprioception & Interoception
  • Our nervous system, the Polyvagal Theory and its application in somatic and yoga therapy
  • Restorative tools for nervous system regulation
  • Restorative Soundmoves Yoga practice

Afternoon Session: the Myofascial Matrix in Movement & Touch, 1.30 pm - 5.30 pm

  • Fascia in movement & touch
  • Fascia, the body-mind & the nervous system
  • The pathways of energy and weight transfers
  • The art of touch and repatterning
  • Rehabilitation of chronic pain through the embodiment of our spatial sense
  • Healthy movement patterns & sensory-motor learning
  • Gentle Qigong & Yin Yoga practice


Workshop Fees

Full Day: AUD 279, herbal tea and bliss balls included + 30 days of free access to the Full Collection in the Yoga with Yaisa Online Library.

Half Day: AUD 149, herbal tea and bliss balls included + 7 days of free access to the Yin Collection in the Yoga with Yaisa Online Library.

Full day or Half day option available. If you are staying for the full day workshop, please bring your own lunch. Except for a fish & chips shop, there are no shops providing lunch within walking distance.

The venue however has a fully equipped kitchen and a large outdoor area where you can enjoy the lunch break. The beach is short walk away.

A minimum attendance of 6 participants is required in each session. If the minimum is not reached, you will receive notification of the cancellation 7 days in advance and will receive a full refund.

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