Somatic Study Group (June)

Somatic Study Group (June)

Somatic Study Group in June

We’ve all heard about Change being the only constant in life, and our bodies hold the key to change. Cellularly, physiologically, as human beings we are always transforming, evolving. However, how often do we create the space to perceive change?

Drawing from my current study and practices of Body Mind Centering ®, attending to our body can give rise to insight, tapping into the intelligence of our cellular consciousness can reveal the magic of our subconscious – about ourselves, about the actions we can move towards, about the things we move away from, about the social bodies we are part of.

In this coming Somatic Study Group in June, I would like to create a space for creative movement and reflections, and also share embodiment approaches in how we can meet ourselves in each moment by learning how to listen more intently to our full body experience, and thus create tools of self and social resourcing. Connect to your body, mind, environment, and creative flow. These sessions include guided somatic movement practices connecting to body systems, sensation, perception, and different ways of attending to your inner and outer worlds, as they appear in each given moment.

Please join me each Sunday in June for a nourishing and playful afternoon of creative expressions.

All are welcome. You may be particularly interested in this material if you are a mover or a movement teacher, a facilitator or a coach, a leader of teams or organisations, an artist or designer, a therapist or an educator.

Bring your curiosity and a willingness to move your body. No particular movement experience is necessary and all activities are adaptable to your needs and comfort.


Date & Time: Every Sunday in June, 2.15pm to 3.45pm

Fee: $238 for all 4 sessions, $65 for individual session

Venue: Yoga-in-Common, 22 Petain Road

Limited spaces.