Trauma-Informed Somatic Workshop (Vietnam)

Trauma-Informed Somatic Workshop (Vietnam)

I’ll be back in Ho Chi Minh City to facilitate this trauma-informed somatic workshop for the nervous @mandalawellness!

Somatic & embodiment practices helps to attune us to physical and emotional safety, which in turn empower us to practice self-care and co-regulation, and to also share this knowledge to others in meaningful ways.

This trauma-informed introductory somatic workshop will shine a light on our habitual but unconscious neurological patterning that manifest into how we breathe, our posturing, and our reactivity to circumstances. These patterns arise from our life’s experiences, predisposition, developmental patterns, and conditioning. They emerge through the filters of our perceptions and our conceived reality ad shape our expression and communication with the outer world.

Our tissues and organs provide the essential components of the patterns from which we weave our personal stories. These stories are then recorded and stored in the templates of our autonomic nervous system in the way we relate to self and others.

Bringing together movement, breathwork, and hands-on touch to cultivate sensory awareness, we can cultivate a mindful and practical dialogue in healing from pain, injuries, anxiety & stress.

Areas covered:
•⁠ ⁠Somatic awareness & embodiment: cultivating spatial & emotional intelligence through sensory literacy & interoception
•⁠ ⁠Our nervous system through the physiological framework of the Polyvagal Theory and its application in somatics through movement and touch
•⁠ ⁠Restorative tools for nervous system regulation
•⁠ ⁠The art of touch and repatterning
•⁠ ⁠Rehabilitation of chronic pain through the embodiment of our spatial sense
•⁠ ⁠Healthy movement patterns & sensory-motor learning