We are all unique

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Written by Daphne

Daphne is a registered yoga therapist, movement educator, bodyworker, and a specialist in somatic therapy.

June 11, 2023

We are all unique, and this uniqueness should be embraced – celebrated even.

There is so much jargon on ‘correctness’ of our postures and alignment in the modern yoga world, where we should place our hands and feet and rotate shoulders and turn pelvis and engage our core to somehow conform to a set of universal rules to make our yoga body Instagram-worthy, or to fulfil some teacher’s perception of what is ‘right’.

But as I delved deeper into understanding my own body, making sense of habits and patterns intrinsic to my genetic make-up, lifestyle and conditioning, I’ve discovered a whole new terrain in uncovering movement patterns that are simply unique blueprints of our being, honouring who we are as individuals, and melding into the universal sentience that is already within our innate consciousness.

As a movement teacher and therapist, I wish to facilitate, encourage, allow, and most importantly, not obstruct the flow of deep, self-manifested movement patterns to rise up from within, creating the space for inquiry, for practitioners to re-discover their own strength, balance and healing – Our moment-to-moment perfect existence, a.k.a. alignment.

“To unleash our life force, maybe even change our course, we can choose to consciously turn towards the brilliance of intelligent life. Unguided, self-movement (which is not directed by anyone) bubbling up from deep within is elemental for becoming integral. Valuing how intrinsic this self-movement is for supporting our quality of life, we can look no further than the river. Like the river, we too are part of a larger earth and cosmic life force. We are not inanimate (body objects) lacking perception and volition. We cannot achieve good posture by simply correcting, stabilizing, or objectifying. Rather being human, we must become flowing expressions, animated by the movement of the inner sea, the underground springs, and the outer planets…fluid, dynamic, ever changing, a life force… if you will.”

~ Liz Koch on Core Awareness

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