Connected to the body?

Written by Daphne

Daphne is a registered yoga therapist, movement educator, bodyworker, and a specialist in somatic therapy.

February 22, 2022

What does being Connected to the Body mean?

​Being connected with the body means that our actions are not driven purely by intellectual cognition and our reality is informed by more than what the forebrain tells us. It is our ability to hold the dichotomy of both bottom-up and top-down perspectives… the polarities of what’s within and what’s outside of ourselves. Coming into this relational field helps us recognise connection, cultivate empathy. and embody the wisdom of impermanence. We learn to let go of belief systems that shackle us, and open our curiosity to phenomenons that may fall outside our comfort zone.⁣⁣
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This post was previously posted on on May 2nd 2021.

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