Are you a therapist?

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Written by Daphne

Daphne is a registered yoga therapist, movement educator, bodyworker, and a specialist in somatic therapy.

November 5, 2021

Are you a therapist?

Therapists are often perceived as the “fixers” of problems. We are often expected to be strong, resilient, exude unbridled health and vitality.

Any decent therapist will tell you that we need to do our inner clearing and resourcing, so that we can hold space and support our client through their pain and trauma.

In times like this where we are drawn into our own drama of fear and insecurities, and the collective trauma of the world’s chaos and sufferings, I would like to offer a little reflection for therapists that has nothing to do with how to set up online streaming and Zoom videos, but to take a pause on acknowledging our own state of affairs.

As therapists, healers, lightworkers, we are now under immense pressure to clean up our own act, keep up an image of positivity, bliss, strength… even as uncertainties and trepidations show up ever more starkly in our consciousness, even as cities go into lockdowns, even as our anchors, routines and security blankets get disrupted and ripped apart to reveal our flawed human-ness and vulnerability…

So –
Can we still show up and be good if we are NOT good?
Can we comfort and support others if our own grounds are shaky?
Can we heal others when we realised how broken we are?
Can we choose love instead of fear when our hearts are now shattered – from losing our jobs or our income, from loss of social support systems, from being separated with loved ones, from grieving the loss of human lives….?

How do we show up and be present to love – without pushing away our pain, without pretending that we are okay, without faking till we make it?

Can we see sorrow as the other side of pain, love as the other side of fear, chaos as the other side of order?
The next time you walk into the therapy room, I invite you to lean into the other side of your suffering, and meet the other person nervous system to nervous system, from one flawed human being to another.

Meet in the heart space of truth and belonging.

This post was originally posted on on March 24th 2020

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