Trauma-informed workshop: Fluid Body

trauma informed workshop fluid body

Written by Daphne

Daphne is a registered yoga therapist, movement educator, bodyworker, and a specialist in somatic therapy.

November 6, 2021

Workshop recording from the recent online virtual conference Sugar & Spice – a sexuality & embodiment festival.
Presenting a bottom-up experiential approach to relate to the nervous system through the fluid body.
“Daphne’s session was a good introduction to an alternative therapeutic way to deal with trauma. Her soothing voice guided us to our fluid body and fluid movement exploration. It was so relaxing and calming”
#somatics #nervoussystem #polyvagal #sensingfeeling #therapeutics #bodysensing #yogawithdaphne #traumainformed

This post was previously posted on on July 29th 2020

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