Thoracic Mobility

Thoracic Mobility

In the Somatic Embodiment Lab Series, we explore mind body techniques that help shine a light on our habitual but unconscious neurological patterning that manifests into how we breathe, our posturing, and our reactivity to our environment. The techniques explored also serve to promote homeostatic mechanisms and improve automatic regulation, which are key to maintaining health and healing chronic conditions.

About Thoracic Mobility: Experiencing pain in the neck?⁣ 

Join this session to create articulation in the thorax (rib cage) to free up the breath, relieve shoulder, neck and jaw holding, and even tension in the eyes. Creating articulation in the thorax will also help free up the diaphragm, expand lung capacity and regulate the nervous system. This session will also help to hone our vestibular orientation by learning how to rotate our spine with more ease to create the balance between stability and mobility.⁣

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