Written by Daphne

Daphne is a registered yoga therapist, movement educator, bodyworker, and a specialist in somatic therapy.

November 6, 2021

They say nolstagia
is akin to a journey back in time
when things made sense
where we knew
our place in the world.
Perhaps it’s also when our lives
can’t get any more mundane
that we lose our compass
and our ground.
The triumph of waking up
to another groundhog day .
16 more hours
in front of the screen.
Blue light solace at my fingertips
Work, exercise, shop, socialise, youtube
Are they freedom or dilemma?
To stay in or go out?
Solitude will always be served
as the main dish.
6 feet apart.
Eyes exposed
but be sure to avert my gaze.
My lungs laboured
underneath the cotton covering of
sweaty recycled breath.
Oh, the yearning to be seen
and heard!
and touched!
Overshadowed by the anxiety
of ending up as a snapshot
shamed and fined.
A nation locked down
but united in fear.
Fighting the invisible war of numbers
against the enemy crowned virus.
Masked vigilantes
armed with smartphone and app
Incognito but bestowed with power
to defend and protect.
Stand in line for nasi lemak and bubble tea
Essential recharge for our ammo
A balm for the caged mind
in this urban Disneyland
In the silence of empty construction sites,
a figure stooped in his neon green shirt .
The sound of bristles on concrete.
Broom in hand
He looked up
and smiled through his armour
“I’m okay” his eyes spoke.
He sweeps our dwellings
while his brothers locked away
their homes out of reach.
So we march on,
to a promised vaccined land
where business is as usual
An utopia with
no distancing
no violence
no debts
no sovereigns2we

This post was originally posted on on May 27th 2020

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