Therapeutic Applications of the Vagus Nerve

Therapeutic Applications of the Vagus Nerve

In the Somatic Embodiment Lab Series, we explore mind body techniques that help shine a light on our habitual but unconscious neurological patterning that manifests into how we breathe, our posturing, and our reactivity to our environment. The techniques explored also serve to promote homeostatic mechanisms and improve automatic regulation, which are key to maintaining health and healing chronic conditions.

About Vagus Nerve

Fight / Flight / Freeze are states in which our autonomic nervous system is no longer supporting homeostasis. 

The Vagus Nerve touches every organ in the body and is responsible for varied tasks such as heart rate, gastrointestinal peristalsis, perspiration and facial muscle movements (including speech and eye contact). It also receives sensory feedback from the outer ear and is part of the meninges which covers our brain and spinal cord. Our vagal tone is vital for the functioning of our health and homeostasis, and is the key to our body’s perception of safety in order to digest, assimilate, and restore.

In this session, we will explore how to regulate our nervous system through movement, breathwork, visualisation and play.

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