Demystifying Heart Opening: Embodiment of the Heart & Lungs

Demystifying Heart Opening: Embodiment of the Heart & Lungs

In the Somatic Embodiment Lab Series, we explore mind body techniques that help shine a light on our habitual but unconscious neurological patterning that manifests into how we breathe, our posturing, and our reactivity to our environment. The techniques explored also serve to promote homeostatic mechanisms and improve automatic regulation, which are key to maintaining health and healing chronic conditions.

About Demystifying Heart Opening

Spinal extension / backbending are exercises often mythicised as “Heart-Opening”, since it creates an expansion in the front body / thorax where the vital organs of the heart and lungs are situated. The energetic benefits of heart openers include stimulating our life force, instigating our capacity to love unconditionally, and helping us find courage to face challenges.Anatomically our heart is cradled by each half of our lungs. The trio creates an ecosystem of oxygen and CO2 exchange that feeds life force into our cellular matrix, much like the dynamic macrocosm of our external environment.

This session is an embodied exploration through the support of your vital organs to liberate your breath and invigorate your spirit.

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