Training Course 2022

In this course, we bring together movement, breathwork, and hands-on touch to cultivate sensory awareness, and to cultivate a mindful and practical dialogue in healing from pain, injuries, anxiety & stress. We will also learn to assess, facilitate and regulate the different body-mind states based on the Polyvagal Theory Framework.

Nurture & Nourish Retreat

Join me in this upcoming somatic movement & creative embodiment event for a nervous system reset. The half day retreat is a chance for you to rest your nervous system, and to reconnect with self and others through deep inquiry practices.

Somatic Therapy

Specifically tailored, one-on-one sessions that delve deep into the relationship between the mind and body in regards to the nervous system that involves bodywork, movement, breath, relaxation and mindfulness techniques.

Somatic Embodiment Lab Series

Join Daphne in this trauma-informed somatic series that will shine a light on our habitual but unconscious neurological patterning. We will explore body-based tools to regulate our stress responses and resource our resilience in these challenging times.

Our courses

Trauma-informed Somatics & Bodywork Trainings are being held regularly both in-person and online.

Gifting a session

Gift or receive an integrated bodywork session for a body-mind reset! Offer yourself or your loved one a personalised session of Somatic Bodywork or Abdominal Detox Massage. Only limited spots available.

Welcome to Somatic Therapy Asia

Somatic Therapy Asia is a therapeutic bodywork studio located in the heart of Singapore, run by Daphne Chua.

Daphne is a registered yoga therapist, movement educator, bodyworker, and a specialist in Somatic Therapy.

founder daphne chua


The term “Somatic” is derived from the Greek word “Soma” (which translates to “living, aware and bodily person”). In other words, Somatic pertains to the body, experienced and regulated from within. 

Somatic therapy adopts a holistic approach, through its study of the relationship between the mind and body in regard to psychological past. Through the use of mediums for self-inquiry such as movement, meditation, breath work, touch, visualisations, sounds and creative expressions, it aims to dive deep into our consciousness and embodied biological processes. 

Through Somatic therapy, we can expect to improve motor control, coordination, rewire brain-body patterns, and rehabilitate injuries. This approach is also highly effective for relieving chronic pain, improving bodily function, and facilitating recovery from common musculoskeletal conditions.

​“The mind is like the wind & the body is like the sand. If you want to know how the wind is blowing, you can look at the sand.” 

Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen, Founder of Body Mind Centering

What people are saying about us

Daphne’s love of the human body, somatics, and yoga are clear and contagious! I learn something new every time I take a class with Daphne and have so much fun exploring my body and movement. I appreciate Daphne for helping me listen to the felt sense of connectedness in my body. I’m grateful for the space Daphne holds for me to remember that I am already perfectly whole.


Tysza Gandha
Consultant / Singapore

What people are saying about us


“I am so glad to join my first teacher training with Daphne. She is a marvellous teacher and has deep profound knowledge about the history, philosophy, culture, spirituality of yoga and movement. I would definitely like to join her teacher training again next year!”


Tiffany Sim
Engineer / Malaysia

What people are saying about us


“My heart is filling with gratitude to be able to experience the Therapy & Bodywork 50-hour teacher training in Luang Prabang with Daphne. The training allowed us to dive deep into “Movement, Inquiry and Embodiment”. A subtle yet profound pathway to make space for our body and mind – harvesting these innate energy and qualities, and move in synergy with our body. Thank you Daphne!”


Lana Yang
Yoga Teacher / Cambodia

What people are saying about us


“I acquired a great deal of knowledge in a great location! Daphne is extremely knowledgeable, and she is great about sharing this knowledge in a fun and easy to grasp way. It was the perfect length of time and the training was taught with a positive and dynamic energy. I would love to learn more from her in the future! And the location – Mala Dara – was gorgeous! Thanks Daphne for including me in the training! Look forward to seeing what comes up next!”


Shanon Fox
Yoga teacher  / Thailand

What people are saying about us

 “I saw Daphne for a back injury. Her methods were holistic in nature as she worked on my legs and spine to make sure everything is in alignment. She was patient and gentle with her touch. Always checking in with me to make sure I’m okay during the adjustments. She also gave me tips to help myself after our session to strengthen the muscles that are “asleep” so that my condition doesn’t come back. After 5 days of resting and doing the exercises she recommended, I recovered completely and felt even better than before I saw her. I feel my movements more symmetrical and no strain in my back at all. Highly recommend Daphne to people who are suffering from structural issues like I did!”

Sharon Tan
Wellness Practitioner

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